Longleat Safari Park discount vouchers

longleat safari park discount

Longleat Safari Park

Longleat Safari Park, located in Warminster, Wiltshire, is a truly amazing day out for the family. Adults will enjoy it as much as the children and there is a huge amount to experience throughout the day. The Safari Park gives you the chance to see some very rare animals and you’ll be surprised how close to the animals you can really get!

You can find some Longleat Safari Park discount vouchers and coupons on this page that can give you some great savings! They may not be available at a later date but its certainly worth a look!

What will you see?

Longleat have added to their attractions over the years and there really is enough now that will want you to go back for another day!

The biggest attraction, and most popular, is the safari park. I think its fair to say that everybody who visits this will be absolutely gobsmacked by the sites they will see! Longleat has more to offer than just the Safari park but for now we’ll let you know a few things about just what you may find at the Safari Park only. This is completely our own opinion and it would be great to hear about your experiences if you have spent a day there.

Here are just a few of the animals that we really enjoyed seeing!


longleat safari park discount

Anne the Elephant was rescued from the circus and has now retired in the grounds of the park. She really is a very special site to see, however, she does spend some time indoors, so seeing her is not guaranteed on your visit. If you do see her you won’t be able to help yourself from giving out  few ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhh’!


longleat safari park discount

These highly curious and inquisitive little fellas will be very entertaining for the whole family. The ‘Rhesus Macaques’ will climb all over your car and have been known to cause some damage. Longleat do not accept responsibility for this so be prepared to just let it go if the little rascals mess with your wing mirrors or use your bonnet as a toilet! We didn’t have damage to our car  but I would certainly remove your car aerial if it has one!!


longleat safari park discount

A giraffe is not something you see everyday! So, its well worth a visit to the African Village at Longleat to see them wandering around! In fact, the African village allows you to get out of your car and see the giraffes (and zebras) up close! Its amazing! Just take a stroll along the viewing platform and you will get the most awesome view of these long necked beauties!


longleat safari park discount

Wolf Wood has hidden amongst the trees some truly stunning wolves. You are pretty much guaranteed to see the ‘grey wolf pack’ as these wolves are naturally nocturnal, so although they may not be on the move much, you will most likely spot one sleeping under a tree! Sounds a bit naff, however, they are an absolute treat if you’ve never seen a wolf before!

These are just a few of the animals you can find while out on the safari. You’ll also come across Tigers, Lions,  Rhino’s, Cheetah’s and Deers.

If you want an even more unique experience you can splash out on the VIP EXPERIENCE. This allows you to do things like feed the animals and get access to parts of the safari that nobody else can . The prices range from £60to £350 for a day. This seems quite pricey, but we reckon it would be worth it if you can afford it! You can see a full list of the VIP experiences HERE

Longleat Safari Park prices

You can get a 15% discount if you book through Longleat’s official website. If you don’t do this you can pay full price on the gate.

longleat safari park discount

longleat safari park discount

longleat safari park discount

longleat safari park discount

longleat safari park discount








Longleat Safari Park discount vouchers

We have scoured the internet to find discount vouchers that will save you some hard earned cash! Below is a list of the vouchers currently out there but please bear in mind  they may disappear at any time!

PLEASE NOTE : the vouchers available on the websites below do expire on a certain date. If you find there is nothing available then that will be why. We have no control over the vouchers or the websites that are offering them. We are simply making you aware of the websites that you can obtain vouchers from at this time.

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Upto 30% off for members of the Police Force, Fire Service and Ambulance Service www.longleat.co.uk/partners/emergency-services

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Thanks for reading and don’t forget to let us know how you found your time at Longleat Safari Park.


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