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Wookey Hole Discount Vouchers

Wookey hole discount? ‘What on earth even is Wookey Hole?’ I hear you say!

Believe it or not, Wookey Hole is actually the name of a village located near Wells in Somerset! Its not you’re average village though! It has a very cool and hidden secret!

Deep beneath the grounds of Wookey Hole are a series of limestone caverns. The caverns were allegedly used by humans for over 45,000 years and the rocks within the caves have been naturally ‘weathered’ by the natural acid in groundwater! This weathering has formed an amazing underground cave system!

The full extent of the cave system is still unknown but currently around 4000 metres of caves have been discovered along with 25 chambers! This makes Wookey Hole the largest cave system in Europe!

wookey hole discount

For more scientific research information its worth a look at Wikipedia HERE

It does cost to get into Wookey Hole but it will be money well spent! If you book online you get the price 15% cheaper than you would on the door.  Here are the prices…

You’ll also get mega discount if you are registered disabled! Prices below…

wookey hole discount

Wookey Hole is open pretty much every day apart from the usual Xmas Day etc. so you can experience this unique experience in or out of season!


There isn’t just the caves  to experience within the day! There are LOADS of stuff to do, especially for the kids! You’ll find a 4D cinema that doesn’t just show you a film but uses movement and other effects to make you ‘feel’ the film! For example, if there was a windy clip in the film you would suddenly feel a breeze on your face! You get the idea! Well worth a go!

There are over 20 separate attractions that the kids will absolutely love! Don’t worry though, adults can chill at the cafe and grab some food and drink if needed!

All attractions at Wookey Hole can be found HERE

Wookey Hole Discount

We think its fairly reasonable to get into Wookey Hole. You get quite a lot of bang for your buck! However, you can get even further discount by using the websites below.

PLEASE NOTE : the vouchers available on the websites below do expire on a certain date. If you find there is nothing available then that will be why. We have no control over the vouchers or the websites that are offering them. We are simply making you aware of the websites that you can obtain vouchers from at this time.


Official Wookey Hole 30% discount for Police, Fire, Forces & NHS employees

What a lovely way to celebrate the great work the Police, Fire fighters NHS employees and armed forces do for our country! We expect you’ll need some kind of evidence that you are a member of these sectors so have this at hand when buying your tickets!

Voucher Cloud


Deals Cove


Deals Lands


Lets go with the children


Kids Pass


If you do manage to visit Wookey Hole we would love to hear about your experience! Just drop us a comment below!

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