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roman baths

The Roman Baths

Bath, Somerset. Famous for its Roman Baths, Bath stone, Bath Abbey, stunning architecture and history that will keep you reading for years!

Its population of around 90,000 is joined by thousands more tourists every year including travellers from all parts of the world. They all have their own ideas about what they would like to see whilst visiting this Somerset City, but what really are the things that must be seen and photographed until the battery runs dead?

Here at Purbeck Holiday Lets we feel we know Bath pretty well. We get asked all the time about what Bath has to offer so we would like to recommend a few things you must do when visiting. After all, your time can be short on holiday so its important you plan in advance! So, here is our first recommendation.

The Roman Baths

  1. things to do in bathThis is one on the most popular attractions within the North of Europe for tourists to navigate to. It resides in the heart of the City of Bath amongst the busy shopping streets but doesn’t look out of place. Instead, it enhances your experience of Bath as you look around your favourite shops.

This place attracts up to a million visitors per year! So, the Roman Baths has to be on your list of places to visit if you are heading towards this beautiful world heritage city. Then you’ll see why its so popular!

So what exactly is it?

Quite simply, its a massive bath that was created from a spring that was discovered in 836 BC. Around 60 AD the Romans decided to build a temple around the spring and it became a public bathing area! Its taken a huge amount of work to keep it preserved since it was first built and this is why you truly should visit!

Buy a ticket and you’ll be given an audio guide to accompany you as you marvel at the historical secrets that the Baths contain. As well as this, every hour you can follow an expert guide who will fill you in with everything you would ever need to know about it!

At the end of your visit you are even given the opportunity to taste the natural spa water that the Roman Baths keep flowing. This water will quench your body with 43 different minerals! What that does I don’t know, but worth a taste!

New for 2017 is a light and sound experience using CGI techniques to teach you further about how the Roman Baths were used back in the day. We are yet to see this so if you get a chance to see it yourself please let us know what its like! Although, we did find this video that gives you a sneaky glimpse of what you may see….

Fun for the kids

If you have kids then make sure you visit during the school holidays. The organisers at The Roman Baths have thought carefully about how kids can enjoy their visit it as much as adults. Although they too will be fascinated by what the baths have to offer, they will be able to follow some special trails that keep them occupied and engaged. There are other activities for the kids but these seem to change from one year to the next!  Best thing to do is check out the official page HERE to see whats coming up!


The prices are fairly affordable and there are websites all over the place that give you discount vouchers to reduce the price even further. (We will be giving you more info about this soon).

Here are the current official prices at the moment, although be sure to check the website HERE as prices can change annually:-

roman baths

Opening Times

Its amazing that the Roman Baths are open EVERYDAY except for the 25th and 26th December!

Opening times are around 9.00am to 5.00pm but they stay open later between June 17th and 31st August where you can stay as late as 10.00pm.

The Roman Baths official website is www.romanbaths.co.uk and you’ll be able to find out anything else you need to know about your visit there.

We do have some other recommendations HERE and we will be adding further blogs about these as we go!

We would love to hear about your experience at The Roman Baths. Please feel free to let us know what you thought in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading!

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