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lodges near bath

Lodges near Bath

Looking for lodges near Bath eh? Well, first of all, you have  made the right decision in not looking for a place to stay actually in the City of Bath! Thats right – It’ll cost you a small fortune!

Lets think about what you really would like from a break away. Whether its just you and your partner or with the kids we all have in our head what we would really like from the accommodation you’ve paid for.

Lets talk about the things that would really make your stay very special. The things that really give the wow factor! In fact, you can have everything listed below all in once place and all for a great price!

Lodges near Bath that has it all!

Hot Tubs/Jacuzzi

lodges near bath

First thing in the morning, last thing at night, while eating lunch, taking a sip from a glass of red…the list is endless! That dip in a hot tub is the most relaxing thing you’ll do on your holiday! If you’re planning on visiting Bath and truly seeing all that it has to offer then you will need to rest those tired limbs in the  evening. What better way to discuss your experience of Bath with your fellow holiday goers by indulging yourself in a hot tub of bubbling bliss!

Swimming Pool

lodges near bath

You don’t need to be a strong swimmer to enjoy access to a swimming pool. Whether you’re with your over-excited kids or just chilling with your partner there is nothing better than slipping into the pools water on a hot summers day! Even better is the pool side area where you can catch some rays while enjoying your favourite tipple or three.


Maybe 5 years ago it was seen as unsociable to rely on the internet when you go away on holiday. Nowadays though it has become the norm to want to access WiFi as soon as you can, whether to catch up on social media and post your holiday photos or to just browse online while relaxing in the evening. Free WiFi isn’t always part of your holiday package, however, you can have WiFi, hot tub and pool for the entirety of your break away. How? Read on to find out!

Childrens Playground

lodges near bath

If you have young ones who constantly need something to do, then a playground will be like heaven to them, and you! Swings and slides are always a hit for the kids and it always gives you a chance to take a breather and put your feet up! Imagine your own private playground shared by only a few others! Well, if I told you that you could have this, the swimming pool, Free Wifi AND the swimming pool all in one piece of accommodation near Bath you probably wouldn’t believe me! But there’s even more!!

Gym and Sauna

lodges near bath

Ok, so a gymnasium isn’t on everyones list of things to do when on holiday! Some of you will absolutely love the idea though! For those of you who don’t want to miss your regular workout you would be in your element knowing you have a gym at your exposure! On the other hand, what about a sauna? A sauna, a swimming pool and a hot tub, all in one place? WHERE IS THIS PLACE?????

You can have all of these in one place. A place just around the corner from the stunning City of Bath. A place set in a small village by the name of Camerton, just a few miles from Bath.

This place is….

Purbeck Holiday Lets

At a great price, great location and great amenities and attractions, Purbeck Holiday Lets has it all. You will not be disappointed and you will talk about this place forever! The only problem you’ll have is working out how soon you can go back!

You can learn so much more about Purbeck Holiday Lets by checking out the website HERE

Thanks for reading, and if you do stay at Purbeck Holiday Lets or would like to ask some questions about this accommodation near Bath they would love to hear how your experience went or what your questions are!

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