The best bath you’ll ever have?

the best bath you'll ever have

The best bath you’ll ever have!

A hot bath is something we all enjoy from time to time! Its a chance to truly switch off and let your body relax and recharge. The thing is though, there is always that issue of there never really being enough room to really stretch out! That smacking your toes on the hot tap or banging your head on the ceramic slope of frustration just doesn’t float the boat!

the best bath you'll ever have

If you are looking for one of the the greatest bathing experiences in the UK then look no further. Be prepared to pop on your slippers, drape yourself in a robe and step into an abyss of joy!

The Thermae Bath Spa

The Thermae Bath Spa is the only naturally heated spa in the UK. Thats right, when I say ‘naturally’ heated it really is heated by mother nature! Taking advantage of the heated springs in the City of Bath the Thermae Bath has been built with many facilities for you to enjoy. For now, we just want to point out our most favourite feature. The bath on a rooftop!

the best bath you'll ever have

Built on a roof top that over looks the streets of Bath, the ‘Main Spa’ consists of a mixture of glass, stone , ambient lighting and of course hot, natural and mineral rich water.

When entering you’ll be given your own personal slippers and robe while you head out onto the rooftop to get ready to slip into a bath the size of a tennis court.

There are a few options in regards to pricing and times of the day but it really is recommended that you attend at night. Do this and you’ll experience the ambient lighting and stunning night lights of the city.

What will it cost you? Well, you’ll be looking at paying around £35 to £40 for a 2 hour session, including your slippers and robe! For some this will seem expensive, however, even if you do it just once in your life, you’ll feel it was worth saving the pennies.

You can see pricing options and packages HERE

The Main Spa gets booked up all year round so make sure you book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you go please do let us know what you think.

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