Things Not to Forget on Holiday

things not to forget on holiday

Things not to forget on holiday

Things not to forget on holiday is certainly something you will have spinning around in your head at some stage! How many times have you arrived at your holiday destination to only realise that you forgot to pack some very essential things? Even though you obsessed over your holiday list and had your fridge coated in military style planning and diagrams, you still forgot something!!

Fact of the day – £96 Million  is spent every year by British people on replacing goods they forgot to pack when going on holiday!

Well, fear not! We have put together a list of the most forgotten things by holiday goers. Forgotten things that cost you a fortune while you search a local shop in a strange town that sells that very thing your brain failed in remembering!

The First Aid Kit

We’re not saying you should be packing a bag with a full array of bandages, surgery tools and anaesthetic! Were taking about things like plasters (or band-aids if you’re in the States) and painkillers. Stuff that are small and won’t take up too much of your luggage space. When you’re out and about you can throw those in your back pack or hand bag, so if in the unfortunate case of a cut to the toe or a cocktail of headaches you can reach in and be glad that you brought along some First aid!

Bottle Opener

Most Bed & Breakfasts and Self catering accommodation with supply a bottle opener (once you’ve found it). However, if you like a bottle of wine or 3 to keep you going throughout the morning then do not, under any circumstances, forget a bottle opener. If you do, you’ll be surprised what lengths you feel you have to goto to get a cork out of a bottle! Broken glass, stained carpets and tears. Don’t forget the bottle opener!!

Phone Charger

This has to be the most common thing that holiday goers forget to pack! Or, it can be the other way around and you leave the charger at the Hotel when you go home! Either way, hunting down a shop to buy a charger could end up wasting an entire day of your holiday! You’ll need your phone to take pictures, keep in touch with each other if you get lost and don’t forget to play that game of Angry Birds when the other half pops out for fish and chips!

Voltage Converters

This refers to the phone chargers (if you forgot your phone charger then ignore this). When travelling to a different country it is likely that you’ll find plug sockets are different. If you live in the UK our mains plug sockets have 3 pins and can be used with electrical products ranging between 220V-240V’s. If you goto France, for example, they operate on the same voltage but require a 2 pin plug. This means you’ll need a plug converter to allow your plugs to be powered from the French sockets.

If you’re unsure what you need then you can have a look at this very helpful list that shows you every countries plug, socket and voltage! – FULL LIST HERE


things not to forget on holiday

Travel Documents

The worst thing that could happen to you, if travelling abroad, is forgetting your passport. This may seem obvious but research states that 1 in 10 people forget their passport when travelling abroad! 1 in 10??? It must be the most stressful thing to happen! Make sure its the first thing you pack, because forget your passport and you might as well forget your holiday!

Sun Tan Lotion

Forgetting your sun tan lotion isn’t the end of the world! You will definitely be able to buy some when you get to your holiday destination! However, tourist places will always add a premium to such items so it will cost you more to do it. There is of course the issue that you are restricted to take certain amounts of liquid onto an airplane! Taking this into consideration it may be worth spending that extra when you arrive so you don’t need to sacrifice taking other liquids. For a full rundown of what types and amounts of liquid you can take on board airplanes, just click HERE


Do you need to be fed every 20 minutes or you’ll turn into a shakey, irritable mess? You do? Better get cramming a fair display of essential snacks into a bag for your journey then right? If you don’t and you need to eat something you might find yourself forking out a lot of money for something that costs twice as much as it does at home. If you have kids with you and you have forgotten to pack snacks then it will undoubtedly be the biggest regret of your life!


We mentioned the importance of taking the likes of pain killers earlier, however, if you rely on medication as treatment for a condition, allergy or illness then this needs to be packed as urgently as your passport! Just imagine how difficult it would be to get hold of your meds in another country! It just isn’t worth forgetting or thinking about!

Mobile Roaming

Unfamiliar with mobile ‘roaming’? If you are then this is something you need to know when travelling to a foreign country.

If your mobile phone is registered in the UK, for example, then the very moment you leave and head over the border to another country you will find that your mobile phone may notify you that it is now ‘roaming’. This means your phone is now looking for a signal in that country and this can mean every time you make a phone call or send a text message you incur a hefty charge. So, if you are used to free minutes and free texts you may find that this no longer applies. The best thing to do is check with your service provider. More information for different providers are below:-






When thinking of things not to forget on holiday, there are of course many other things people forget to take on holiday but we hope this list helps you write your list when planning your next trip away!

Have we forgotten anything? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below or even pop a comment on our Facebook page HERE!

Thanks for reading!

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