Terms and Conditions.

The Guest making the reservation will be known in this document as the Primary Guest.

PLEASE NOTE  Purbeck Holiday Lets is not a party venue, to comply with our insurance and fire regulation only paying guests are allowed on site and to use the facilities. ANY non-paying guest found on site will be asked to leave with immediate effect.

1. General.

a) Purbeck Holiday Lets offers high quality self-catering accommodation near Bath, UK. Purbeck will endeavour its best to ensure your stay is a comfortable, happy and truly memorable experience

b) Accommodation is charged on a nightly basis. Bookings are secured on payment of a deposit, representing 30% of the value of the booking. The balance of the accommodation charge is to be paid within 6 weeks of your stay.

2.Arrivals and Departure times:

a) Date of arrival – You are welcome to check in after 3pm. If you will be arriving after 6pm, please call us on 01761 471358.

b) Date of departure – Your accommodation is available until 11am.

c) Please note that a charge will be made if the accommodation has not been vacated by 11am (accept by arrangement).

PLEASE NOTE: We always like to greet our guests on arrival into reception. On the rare occasion that nobody is in reception when a guest arrives we ask that the guest supply a time of arrival beforehand. If a guest is to arrive earlier or later than planned they must ring us to inform us of the change of time.

3. Booking your Holiday:

a) To book your desired accommodation, please:

i) Use the online availability system, www.purbeckholidaylets.co.uk, to reserve the accommodation, for the period desired. Available accommodation may be reserved on-line by specifying the dates of arrival and departure. Payment can be made securely on-line by debit or credit card. Bookings are confirmed by email – or:

ii) Phone 01761 471358 to check the accommodation you require is available for the dates needed. If the accommodation is available and you wish to book, we can take credit or debit cards at the time of booking and once payment is received your booking will be confirmed.

iii) Write to Purbeck Holiday Lets, Bridge Place Road, Camerton, Bath BA2 0PD.

b) Cheques should be received within 3 days of making the preliminary booking and the booking will only be confirmed upon the successful clearing of the cheque.

4. Minimum Stay Period:

Accommodation has a minimum 2 night stay period.

5.Booking Payments:

a) Payment shall be made in Pounds Sterling.
b) There is no charge for payment by Debit Card and Credit Card.
c) Cheques should be made payable to Purbeck Holiday Lets.

6. Group Bookings:

a) The guest making the booking payment will be responsible for the accommodation during the stay of a group, and payment of all costs arising during the stay on checking out.
b) All members of a group are requested to sign in on arrival, to ensure your safety and security.

7. Booking Acceptance:

a) Accommodation Reservation Requests are created online as a Reservation Order, this order requesting the accommodation and dates will be confirmed once payment is taken and then will be formally accepted by the business by sending you, the Guest a Reservation Confirmation Email afterwards. (see clause 7b)

b) The Purbeck On-line Reservation and Availability system on its website is not a definitive representation of its accommodation availability or its reservations due to the delay in merging direct reservations and online reservations, (see clause 7c).

c) Please note that Purbeck Holiday Lets reserves the right to decline an accommodation order request, if this occurs we will refund the payments received in full within 7 days after the payments clearing the banking system.

8. Non-Availability:

a) In the unlikely event that the booked accommodation cannot be made available for the period booked, all sums paid will be refunded as full and final settlement.

9. Cancellation:

a) Please note that, once a booking has been confirmed, you are liable for the whole cost of the holiday. Deposits are not refundable. However, should you need to cancel your booking, we will endeavour to re-let the property and, if successful, we will refund to you the sum recovered, less your deposit. Hence, it is in your interests that you inform us of your wish to cancel by telephone as soon as possible.

b) Cancellations shall be confirmed in writing by post or email. You are recommended to insure against the need to cancel.

10. Insurance:

a) We strongly recommend that you use holiday cancellation insurance to cover the cost of your holiday. This will provide you with piece of mind if an unforeseen event forces you to cancel your holiday.

Click here for Holiday Cancellation Insurance.

11. Responsibilities of Guests:

a) To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable stay, guests shall be responsible for:

i) Taking reasonable care not to impinge unduly on the enjoyment of the other neighbouring guests staying at Purbeck – and to give due consideration to the needs of children, the elderly and disabled;
ii) Taking reasonable care not to put the health and safety of themselves and others at undue risk;
iii) Securing their accommodation when vacant.
iv) Vacating the accommodation by the end of the booking period i.e. by 11 am on the scheduled day of departure (except by arrangement);
v) Ensuring that accommodation and its contents are kept and left in a clean and tidy condition. A charge will be made should the accommodation not be left in the clean condition it was provided in: the charge will relate to the time and costs required for remedial cleaning and any loss of use for subsequent guests
vi) Making settlement of costs associated with any damage to the accommodation and its contents, or their loss, arising during the period booked. Damages should be reported as they arise to enable repair or replacement as soon as possible.

b) No more than the maximum number of guests specified for that accommodation may use it at any one time or a fine will be imposed.

c) Subletting of the accommodation in not permissible.

d) For your safety, smoking is not permitted in any part of the Accommodation or on the veranda. However, you are welcome to enjoy smoking in the permitted areas.

e) No candles or naked flames permitted anywhere on the premises

12. Noise Nuisance:

a) Purbeck Holiday lets is compliant with Part III of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, therefore guests are therefore not allowed to play music with offensive language and lyrics that could distress other guests nor should they play music at a volume which will disturb other guest’s enjoyment of our facilities.

b) Hot-Tub Times: 09:00 until 23:00

c) Swimming Pool Times: 09:00 to 21:00

13. Guest Behaviour:

a) Guests must not be excessively rowdy or cause any distress, embarrassment and/or annoyance to their fellow Guests or members of our staff, also any offensive and/or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated.

b) We reserve the right to recover from the Primary Guest any compensation that Purbeck Holiday Lets have had to pay to other guests, visitors or staff as a result of the Primary Guest’s or their party’s actions. This also includes the cancellation of any discounts, which were previously, applied to the Primary Guests reservations. The Primary Guest will also be responsible for paying compensation to Purbeck Holiday Lets for any physical damages and/or additional cleaning above the normal housekeeping duties that can be expected.

c) The Primary Guest will also be held financially responsible for the loss of additional rental, either by the day or for the entire period of another guests booking which has been affected and has had to be cancelled due to the Primary Guests or their party’s actions.

d) Failure to Comply: At our sole discretion any Primary Guest or their Party not complying with our Terms and Conditions will be asked to leave immediately. The account will be due in Full and no refunds will be given. Where the Primary Guest or their Party’s behaviour has been in question, financial compensation for damages, additional cleaning and to compensate other guests will be sort.

e) Purbeck Holiday Lets is not a party venue, and to comply with our insurance and fire regulations only paying guests are allowed on site and to use the facilities. Any non-paying guest found on site will be asked to leave with immediate effect.

14. Furnishings, etc. included:

a) Each property is fully furnished and equipped with:

i) A kitchen, including cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils etc;

ii) Shower room, including lavatory and basin;

iii) Bedding (pillows, blankets, duvets), linen and towels;

iv) Additional items of domestic equipment (dish washers, etc.) as described in individual accommodation descriptions. A full inventory of the contents will be provided on arrival, and can be provided in advance on request.

b) Full Central heating is provided.

15. Accommodation Servicing:

a) Accommodation will be provided in a scrupulously clean and tidy state on arrival with beds arranged as either doubles or singles in accordance with your requirement, and made up with bedding. Should anything be missing or not functioning properly, please let us know as soon as possible.

b) Guests are normally responsible for cleaning, bed-making etc. during the rest of your stay. Optionally, you may wish to book for accommodation servicing to be provided, at a supplement of £11 per night. Clean linen, towels etc. will be provided weekly and on request.

c) Access to the accommodation may be required to affect normal maintenance and minor repairs.

16. Pets:

Pets are not permitted at our properties.

17. Comments/Complaints:

a) Every reasonable care will be taken to ensure that the Accommodation is presented to guests to a high standard. Should the Guest find on arrival that there is a problem, or cause for complaint, the Guest should immediately contact reception. Reasonable steps will then be taken to assist the Guest.

b) Guest should provide a contact telephone number and suitable time for Purbeck Holiday Lets to communicate with them about problems or complaints.

c) Guests should formally confirm any unresolved complaint in writing to Purbeck Holiday Lets within 28 days of return from holiday, addressed to: Purbeck Holiday Lets. Purbeck House, Bridge Place Road, Camerton, Bath, BA2 0PD.